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The new Proposition 63 funds will be distributed to county mental health agencies to:

  1. Expand "Systems of Care" mental health services to children, adults, and seniors who have severe mental illnesses and whose service needs are not met through other funding sources;
  2. Establish a new mental health Prevention and Early Intervention program to reduce stigma, conduct outreach on recognizing early signs of mental illness, and reduce negative mental health outcomes such as suicide, incarceration, homelessness, school failure, unemployment, and foster care;
  3. Develop innovative programs to improve access to high quality mental health services;
  4. Expand capital facilities and address technology needs; and
  5. Recruit, train, and retain additional professionals to provide mental health services.


MHSA imposes a 1% income tax on individuals with incomes over $1 million. Statewide this is estimated to generate approximately $250 million in fiscal year 2004-05, $700 million in 2005-06, and increasing amounts thereafter.

Local Planning

Prior to receiving MHSA funds, each County mental health agency must submit three-year expenditure plans to the State Department of Mental Health. Plans must be developed with a wide array of local stakeholders, be reviewed through a public hearing convened by the County Mental Health Board, subjected to a 30-day public comment period and be updated annually.

State Oversight

MHSA establishes a new Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission to ensure the new funds are utilized properly throughout California.